Custom Orders

The only thing more unique than algae art is custom algae art!

Perfect for birthdays, engagement gifts, and so much more!

The perfect, one-of-a-kind gift to show your love, commemorate a cherished moment, or bring your favorite beach home. Customize everything from the frame color, style, and size to the algae species, color, and design. Even customize what beach the algae comes from!

Pricing varies based on a number of factors including size, algae specifics, and complexity of design.

Please email me at for a personalized quote and design mock-up. Each custom art commission is unique to your needs. Whether you have a vague idea or know exactly what you want, we’ll work together to perfect every detail.

Previous custom orders have included:

- A pair of matching and elaborate collages with different species, colors, and designs

- Name art – with algae spelling out a loved one’s name

- A pair of matching heart designs with algae from a cherished beach to remember a loved one who frequently spent time there

Customer Reviews

“After how difficult of a year 2021 was, especially with my grandmother’s passing, I wanted to get my mom and grandfather each a gift that had a little part of her in it. I liked the idea of something connected to the beach, because it was her favorite place, but I didn’t want it to be just anything. I wanted something from her beach, that was truly a piece of her favorite place. So I reached out to Karina with the idea of matching pieces with seaweed from that beach.

When she agreed to do the pieces, I assumed it would be as simple as matching seaweed and matching frames. It was so much more. She helped me pick out frames, choosing ones with a weathered wood look to them, matching the houses on the shore. The seaweed was the kind with little bubbles on it that my grandmother and I used to pop together on our morning walks. The design was a group of four hearts, one for each of my grandmother’s children, who she loved above all else. The seaweed strands were nearly identical, and came from one larger piece of seaweed, so they were quite literally a matching pair. They were more than I could have hoped for, and truly unique pieces.

– Chris C. | Custom order customer in Nov. 2021

“I first saw Algae Art at a craft show about a year ago and instantly fell in love with the work. Ordered my Granddaughter work with her name spelled in algae and it turned out beautifully; getting one done for my Grandson now (his name). Such great work and I highly recommend to anyone looking for beautiful artwork. Thanks again for always Being nice and having patience with getting my art made exactly how I wanted it.”

– Pauline S. | Custom order customer in Dec. 2021 and June 2022