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Algae Art Studio

Sea Turtle Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

Sea Turtle Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

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Whether you're shopping at your local farmers' market or taking a trip to the beach, do it in style with these eco-friendly tote bags. Unlike standard cotton tote bags that come with a significant, and often over-looked environmental price tag, these bags were carefully chosen to minimize their environmental footprint and create a zero-waste bag option:

100% recycled material. These bags are made from a blend of 65% recycled cotton yarn (recovered cotton taken from the spinning weaving, and cutting processes for other material) and 35% recycled PET plastic. That means no new cotton production was used to create these bags AND they're recycling plastic waste.

Size designed to be versatile. I went with a shoulder tote because they're a little more versatile than your standard grocery bag. In one photo above, it's packed for the beach and easily fit three beach towels; flip-flops; sunscreen; sunglasses; and a pack of foam water balls. In the other, it's packed from a trip to the store, with a family-sized bag of chips; a family-sized cereal box; pasta; and three reusable produce bags with broccoli, peppers, and onions. It's dimensions are: 18"w x 14.5"h x 3"g

Made in the US with fair labor. I had the privilege of working with Enviro-Tote - an eco-conscious, woman-owned, US-based small business - to create these tote bags. Every stage of production took place in the US with domestically-sourced materials. They are also certified by the Fair Labor Association and have eliminated all fabric waste in their production.

All color is 100% natural and unaltered. Shipping is carbon neutral. Algae is collected from New England to New Jersey.


Algae Art represents the beauty in science. Its vibrant color, elegance, and charm reminds us that remarkable things can be found even in the most unsuspecting places. When you support Algae Art, you are helping fund my environmental law degree so I can dedicate my life to protecting this incredible planet we call home. Thank you for being such an instrumental part of my journey.


Every design is created using algae that I hand-collect right from our coastline! All framed artwork are original pieces of the pressed algae itself preserved behind the glass. Tote bags, greeting cards, and stickers are re-prints of my original artwork. All color is 100% natural and unaltered.

Shipping & Returns

- Shipping cost varies by item and is calculated at check-out.

- Due to the nature of my artwork, I do not currently offer returns. If your order arrives to you damaged please email your name and order number, a photo of the damage, and photos of the box/envelope it was shipped toalgaeartstudio@gmail.comand I will be happy to replace your art.

Care Instructions

- For original artwork, I recommend keeping your art out of high humidity. Once framed, the color is permanently set with very few exceptions that would be noted on individual items. If you wanted to be extra careful you could keep them out of direct sunlight, but that is absolutely not required. Some even look especially stunning in the sun!

- For tote bags, please spot clean only and do not run them through a washer or dryer as it may distort the print.

- For stickers, they are incredibly water-resistant and can be placed on water bottles, laptops, etc. If you use them on water bottles I would recommend hand washing the water bottles and minimizing water on the outside. They are also fully compostable in any at-home system (even the backing)!

- For greeting cards, simply treat them like you would any card and enjoy!

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